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          What does jie O fire window gold fittings have?

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          Jieao fire window fittings include: fire lock, fire hinge, fire bolt, fire shutter, sequence device, etc.

          Jieao fire window fittings include: fire lock, fire hinge, fire bolt, fire shutter, sequence device, etc.

          One, fire lock

          Jie O fire window fittings lock is mainly applied to the fire window hardware, it is divided into common fire lock and fire passage lock, common fire lock is mainly used to open and lock the role, and fire passage lock is applied to emergency passage escape, to ensure the safety of people's lives, the main difference between the two is with keys and without keys.

          Two, fire hinge

          Fire hinge is the door and door frame connected to each other, mainly to support the role of the door body. It is divided into built-in hinge and external hinge, the former is suitable for the external door, the latter is suitable for the internal door, usually each fire door installed 3 fire hinges.

          Three, fire bolt

          Jetco fire window fittings bolts are simple components used in fire doors to prevent doors from opening, usually of metal, in the event of a fire by plugging the door in. However, according to the regulations of the fire department, the fire door should be kept closed during the business period of public places, but the bolt must be opened!

          Four, Jie O fire window fittings

          Installed in the upper part of the flat door fan or built in the door fan inside a device, by the combination of metal bullets, hydraulic damping, its role is to ensure that the door is in a normally closed state, to avoid the instantaneous fire through. It is divided into two kinds: one is normally open type door opener, the other is normally closed door opener.

          Quick tips for choosing fire window accessories

          1. Fire hinge: fire door quote the amount of every door hinge by the height of the door fan, a height of more than 1800 mm door fan with 3 hinges, a height of less than 1800 mm door fan with 2 hinges.

          2. Door closers: All fire doors except pipe well doors should be equipped with door closers. A single door device, double door device 2 door closures, steel fire doors quotation size fan (mother door) fire doors only on the big fan equipment door closures.

          3. Jie O fire window accessories second: equipment 2 double doors should be equipped with 1 sequencer.