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          【 Maintenance experience of door and window hardware accessories 】 lock maintena

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          Door and window accessories lock maintenance method

          Door and window accessories lock maintenance method

          Although lock is door window fittings, contain inside fittings of door window hardware, but, rise to crucial effect however in daily life, because this should pay attention to how to maintain good. Here's a look at some ways to maintain locks:

          1, when the door lock is not good switch, spray some oil on the inclined tongue.

          2, some lock heart is not refueling, such as mother bead lock heart.

          3, the door gap should not be too large, easy to be pushed aside and shaking sound.

          4, when the key is not good to insert or draw out, spray some light oil, not too thick oil will be inactive.

          5, the security door has a chequered pattern, prevent by the wire into the hook to open the automatic lock oblique lock pull, pull the door.

          Lock your heart against the rain. Flush, because there are little springs in it that will rust and fail and not be flexible.

          7, do not use the key directly open the door, the key turn open the lock, lock heart did not return to the original position directly pull the key to open the door, lock soon will protest with you say goodbye.