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          Brief talk on the door window hardware industry, foreign and domestic brands wil

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          Brief talk on the door window hardware industry, foreign and domestic brands will advance hand in hand

          Brief talk on the door window hardware industry, foreign and domestic brands will advance hand in hand

          Throughout China's doors and Windows hardware industry, domestic and foreign brands are uneven, obvious differentiation. In the north of the more developed areas in the high-grade real estate, the main use of the next level open hanging hardware system and the level open hardware system, these hardware systems to import more brands and a few domestic well-known brand products.

          Among the foreign imported brands, there are some century-old brands with both public praise and quality. Among them, The Centennial Celebration of brand China held in November was particularly eye-catching.

          In contrast, the ranks of domestic brands, in the process of undertaking the transfer of international industry, Chinese door and window hardware enterprises have achieved the improvement of technology and experience, but also paid the cost of hard labor and resources. Nowadays, Chinese door window hardware makes an industry to already had the manufacturing ability of higher level, the door window hardware product that place makes also is the pronoun of low quality low price no longer, the quality of the product already obtained international mainstream buyer and the approbate of the market.

          From the perspective of long-term market development, China's door and window hardware industry will continue to show a new development trend of expanding scale, expanding product coverage, foreign brands continue to lead the high-end products, domestic independent brands gradually become stronger, and the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry is improved.

          The article by Luanxian County Jie Macau window fittings Co., LTD.