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        6. Hello, welcome to the official website of Jieao Building Materials Co., LTD!
          National Toll-free service hotline
          High performance hardware precision metal parts
          Creat the safest fire protection hardware system in China
          Let Jieao become a synonym of safety and fire hardware system
          First-class production process and perfect testing equipment
          About us
          Company Introduction 
          Jieao is to do the road to the simplest. In the research and development of the design of a lot of energy and material resources, in the production of the application of the most mature technology, to make the most stable, the most advanced products. Jieao is the first to pass the national fire and construction departments of the detection, and the detection procedures are the most complete fire hardware enterprises. Jieao always adhere to the feelings of life, to do things in good faith, to the letter business philosophy. We firmly believe that there is no shortcut to growth, products can not be fast, details determine long-term quality. In order to constantly pursue more safe fire hardware system for the purpose, in good faith based on the market, with quality and after-sales service to create a brand, all the members of the company know that only mutual benefit, can complement each other, only high-quality and reasonable price products, can be accepted by the market and customer recognition.
          The company advantage
          Company Advantage
          Jieao is the most authoritative enterprise in the research and development of fireproof hardware products in China
               Jie O r & D products based on: fire window manufacturing enterprises installation of simple and low requirements for technicians; Besides fire prevention, the effect of air tightness, water tightness and sound insulation of the window; The convenience and durability of daily use, the safety and stability of fire prevention; Professional fire hinge, multi-functional automatic fire lock, fire shutter in daily use and fire action process; Special window sash (namely extra-large window sash and extra-small window sash), special profiles, special opening of various forms of fire hardware categories complete... 

                In 2015, the first generation of fire prevention and fire resistance machinery intelligent fire hardware system came out, filling the gap in the field of fire prevention hardware in China, which not only conforms to the daily use of air and water tight, but also has the most stable fire safety and mechanical intelligence. In 2017, jieao second generation safety and fire hardware system will be launched. In 2019, jieao third generation safety and fire hardware system will be launched. 

                At present there are a lot of door closing device manufacturers and building hardware industry manufacturers are also put into this industry. But it is still in the first generation and second generation of Jie O design concept, in the fire hardware system in one of the parts or parts. 

                 Jieao is a fireproof window manufacturer with the most complete inspection procedures, the most patents and the most extensive practical application.
          Jie O fire hardware for fire window manufacturers, cost is moderate, easy to install; 

          For real estate development enterprises, the cost is moderate and the repair rate is very low. 

          Jieao fire safety hardware system has complete product configuration, low after-sales repair rate, wide application range, high fire safety coefficient and the most complete national test report. 

          Jieao is the first fireproof hardware manufacturer in China that can meet the requirements of both architectural design and fire safety design.